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DIY lawn sprinkler system

WE are the hose-end, pop-up lawn sprinkler you have seen and heard about.
A great lawn sprinkler and a great gift Information about Watering Made Easy Sprinkler Stations
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WE are the hose-end, pop-up lawn sprinkler you have seen and heard about.
Don’t be fooled by a copy-cat!

Watering Made Easy

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PERMANENT Lawn Sprinkler

Underground Sprinkler Kit
A Sprinkler Station is a new DIY lawn sprinkler system that replaces the lawn sprinkler that you currently place in your lawn and have to move to mow the grass.

Bury and aim our sprinkler one time, and it stays in place, adjusted as you set it! Mow right over it!

After burying our lawn sprinkler, to water the grass, just "click" a standard garden hose onto the buried sprinkler using the included quick connector. The water pressure causes the sprinkler to pop up out of the ground spraying water. Just "Un-click" the hose, the sprinkler hides underground again, out of the way of the lawn mower. "Click" it on again and it pops up again, aimed the same way as the last time. Installation is simple, just dig a hole about 10" long and 10" deep; no need to dig trenches across the lawn.

Bury 2 or 3 Sprinkler Stations to cover your entire lawn! Connect a splitter to your faucet to use more than one hose. Utilize a shut off timer to stop the water after the correct amount of time.

Three styles to choose! Click Here
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Using our lawn sprinkler removes the tedious, repetitive task of placing and aiming the sprinkler, greatly reducing the time and effort you put into watering your lawn.

Install our sprinkler and save time every time you water!

Our Sprinkler Station is permanent. For the same cost as the lawn sprinklers you probably purchase every year in a search for one that meets your needs.

Watering Made Easy Permanent Lawn Sprinkler
The DIY lawn sprinkler system that works with your garden hose. There are no long pipes or trenches for this permanent lawn sprinkler. A Watering Made Easy Sprinkler Station stays aimed, and hides underground below the mower between waterings.
Watering Made Easy Sprinkler in action!
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Watering Made Easy Basic Installation Instructions

Watering Made Easy Permanent Lawn Sprinkler
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Warranty Information
Watering Made Easy Sprinkler Stations carry a replacement warranty for five years from date of purchase with receipt. Watering Made Easy will replace the product if it is found to have a manufactured defect due to material or workmanship. This warranty does not extend to damage due to misuse, neglect or abuse, debris/sandy water, freezing, normal wear and tear, or accident. Under no circumstances will Watering Made Easy be liable for incidental or consequential damages. All implied warranties are limited in duration to five years following purchase. Depending on the state you reside in, the above limitations may not apply to you. If any problems arise with a Watering Made Easy Sprinkler Station please contact Watering Made Easy.
Sprinkler Stations installed in freezing climates require "Winterizing" to prevent damage by water freezing and expanding inside of the sprinkler. The 7-10 ounces of water that remains in the sprinkler after use must be pumped out before it can freeze and damage the sprinkler. We offer a "Winterizer Kit" that includes a pump to remove the water and a small plug to place in the hose connection to prevent new water from entering, or you may choose to use your own method to remove the water.

Please email for more information.

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